MONTREAL, QC / ACCESSWIRE / June 20, 2017 / Argex Titanium Inc. (TSX: RGX) (“Argex”) is pleased to announce that it recently became a member of the 8020 Connect community. 8020 Connect ( is the investment industry’s newest investor network, developed to deliver corporate information to shareholders, investment industry experts, and like-minded investors while enabling these group members to interact with one another and with the company’s corporate management team.

Through the 8020 Connect shareholder and investor platform, Argex can communicate its corporate message and update advancements and financial information to all shareholders and investors in a timely and effective fashion. The 8020 Connect social media component provides a monitored and professional environment, allowing the company to respond to questions and manage group conversations. The 8020 Connect platform and services will also provide Argex with an opportunity to expand its audience to other interested investors and industry experts worldwide.


Mazen Alnaimi
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Argex Titanium Inc.
[email protected]

Gladys Caron
Investor Relations and Corporate Communications
[email protected]

Looking for a new way to be informed? Join our Investor Group on 8020.

SOURCE: Argex Titanium Inc.

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