DEVENTER, NETHERLANDS / ACCESSWIRE / July 17, 2017 / @xeroc has announced the launch of the “BitShares Blockchain Foundation.” The foundation is initially focused on offering three primary services: Public Announcements, Public and Private mailing lists, and BitUSD worker escrow management. It should be noted that the Bitshares DEX (Decentralized Exchange) is the world’s first decentralized digital currency exchange. Meanwhile, the value of Bitshares has increased by 1,000% since February 2017.

A representative from the foundation says, “This is a nonprofit organization registered in the Netherlands. It started its operations in June 2016, and, since that time, it has been preparing the various industries that need to be involved. The Foundation’s mission is to help the BitShare ecosystem grow to its maximum potential.”

For lead BitShares developer, Fabian Schuh, the main goal was to create a functional decentralized network because this comes with a high need for coordination and cooperation. He got to work on facilitating this on a technical level, creating transparent and open mailing lists that shareholders, committee members, block producers, and developers can sign up for. This also enables them to further share any projects that are completed using BitShares.

One of the key elements of importance for the foundation is its management of escrow workers. The foundation representative adds, “The foundation takes a lead in managing worker proposals on BitShares. Freelancers around the world that want to work for the BitShares DAC are organized through our trusted escrow setup that carefully vets worker proposals of freelancers, sets them up on the blockchain, and ensures the maximum of code quality for the BitShares shareholders.”

The Bitshares Blockchain Foundation has worked hard to turn themselves into a well-supported entity over the past year. Members feel a personal sense of responsibility for BitShares and its growth. Over the past several months, they have been working around the clock to advocate to partners and businesses about the technological advantages that they have over their competitors and they have been hugely successful in that. Indeed, having matured significantly over the past year, they have now been able to enter in a number of high profile partnerships that will further help them to drive their agenda forward.

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SOURCE: BitShares

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