Portrait Pro 15 (PC/Mac)
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Price: $79.90
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The primary aspect of the new PortraitPro is “They left out Versions 13 and 14! However Anthropics left out version 13 and version 14. Perhaps Anthropics Software is superstitious about the number 13 and simply chosen to skip 14 also. Who knows! We’re on to PortraitPro 15 now.

Regardless, I’ve inspected and utilized past versions of PortraitPro and have constantly discovered them to deliver very stunning quality photos in a brief time frame. So, I’ll go through an essential instructional exercise of exactly what this picture photography programming has done in the past and what changes have been made in the new release.

PortraitPro 15 comes in three flavors: Standard, Studio, and Studio Max. I tried the Standard Edition featured in this article.

The fundamental work process is same. Either open the picture up in PortraitPro or from Photoshop, Lightroom, or Aperture. You’ll be inquired by the software as to whether your subject is a male or female, child or young lady. Once chosen, you’re then taken to the recognizable two-board window that shows the first original picture on the left with framework of the essential lines and the corrected form on the right side. It’s less demanding to see the progressions made by tapping on the “Flip to Before” catch, upper right. The change is so brisk and sensational it can be startling!

While not new to this form, the Skin Lighting Controls can help transform a normal photograph into something truly uncommon.



Cosmetics Controls

Things can get truly insane with PortraitPro 15’s new Makeup Controls. You’re conversing with a person who doesn’t know a bronzer from a blusher, so I was somewhat exploring in waters I was new to. In any case, have no dread, you have alternatives in abundance and you can simply pick controls, utilize sliders, and choose hues for lipstick that even some Halloween cosmetics specialists never longed for. What’s more, if that all appears to be excessively overwhelming, they have keenly included four Makeup presets. Simply press the catch and cosmetics is finished. (Trust me, it happens a considerable measure quicker than when most ladies “put their face on” in the morning!) I see picture photographic artists utilizing this minimalistically, while form and model photographic artists will presumably incline toward it somewhat more vigorously.

The Makeup Controls give you astounding adaptability. From inconspicuous to crazy, you can control mascara, lipstick, sparkle, and a great deal more.


Here’s something I truly like. Toss a picture of a 10-year-old young lady at PortraitPro and more seasoned adaptations will in all probability transform her into a 20 year old. Not so with this variant on account of the Children include. I was extremely satisfied with the outcomes it delivered on my 10-year-old niece by utilizing the default setting for Girl. It just rolled out extremely minor improvements to the facial structure, eyes, lips, and so forth., while it tidied up the appearance. You can likewise pick “Kid No Shape” on the off chance that you like. However, since I enjoyed the way it took care of the 10 year old so much I figured I’d attempt it on a grown-up, or if nothing else a 17-year-old secondary school senior. Blast! The outcomes I acquired by deceiving PortraitPro were practically ideal for my preservationist New England customers. I discovered my new “go-to” modifying for secondary school young ladies! As usual, you can alter around a million approaches to get the outcome you need.

Refreshed for this form, the Children default adopts a more unobtrusive strategy to modifying kids. On the off chance that you like your outcomes unobtrusive, as I do, take a stab at utilizing it for grown-ups, as well!



Skin Color

Here again we are confronted with a few presets in addition to you can alter and change any sum you’d like. It took me a moment to discover all the cool presets with names like Vanilla and Night Club. They are situated in a drop-down menu under the fundamental Skin Color Controls menu. This again will come down to an instance of “pick what you think looks great” for most picture takers unless you are shooting for an advertisement or business work.

Selfie Distortion

This is a decent one. I was really jabbing around searching for the “Fix Selfie” catch and sliders. That employment it turns out tumbles to the Lens Correction slider under the Face Sculpt menu that acts as an apparatus to wipe out a portion of the supposed mutilation caused by the camera being so near your face. You can, obviously, utilize it on any picture you like, not simply selfies. Only one more face-molding device available to you.

The Skin Color Controls has a drop-down menu that gives you a few presets so your subject can appear as though they just originated from the shoreline or they are prepared for a night on the town.

Skin Lighting

While that deals with the new components, I ought to likewise include that while I was jabbing around with all the new stuff, I returned to the Skin Lighting Controls and was very awed by exactly what it could do. As picture takers we take awesome care in lighting our subjects and I’ve generally assumed that is something you would be advised to deal with “in camera.” Well, less any longer.

With the Skin Lighting Controls you can really add shape and measurement to your subject just by dragging around the “light” that resembles a major reflector in the program. You can make it greater or littler, include a left or right emphasize, and that’s just the beginning. All things considered, it’s one of the more valuable apparatuses in PortraitPro that you don’t hear such a great amount about.

Here’s a case of getting a little diverted playing with every one of the instruments accessible to you. Need distinctive shaded lips? Don’t worry about it. Distinctive hair shading? Straightforward. Alternatives are unending.


To entirety things up, Anthropics is by all accounts on a ceaseless journey to give representation picture takers a robotized reply to correcting drudgery. Regardless of whether you’re searching for a straightforward strategy to simply relax flaws and smooth skin or you need to go full gonzo and absolutely rethink a subject, PortraitPro 15 is the instrument you’re searching for.

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