Features a Wide Variety of In-Depth Information, Tips and Advice on a Number of Topics Related to the Vegan Way of Life

SANTA CRUZ, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 19, 2017 / The founders of, a California-based online vegan lifestyle portal, are pleased to announce the launch of their newly re-branded website.

To check out the recently upgraded website, including this section that is devoted to vegan bodybuilding, please visit

As a spokesperson for noted, the founders of the website understand that while many people have questions about veganism, they may be unsure where to go for answers. The founders, who are both vegans, know first-hand how challenging it can be for someone who is considering becoming a vegan to get reliable and helpful information on grocery shopping, hidden animal by-products in foods and much more.

This knowledge inspired them to launch, and provide people with a reputable and educational online portal about the vegan lifestyle. From people who would like to give up eating all animal products and are looking for information on grocery shopping to those who are having a vegan friend over for dinner and need a list of vegan ingredients they can cook with, is a one stop vegan shop.

Now, with the launch of the re-branded and easier-to-navigate website, the founders hope to provide a reliable resource to even more new vegans as well as those who have followed the lifestyle for some time.

“Knowledge is power when it comes to your vegan way of life,” noted the spokesperson, adding that with, people will get the background info and guidance they need to stay on track and remain focused on their lifestyle goals.

“From lists of vegan-safe beers to vegan box deliveries, we’ll give you the full scoop on the products and ingredients you can safely enjoy. We want to help you live the life you want while staying true to the values and the beliefs that guide you through each day.”


First launched two years ago, has become more user-friendly than ever. The site, which is run by two Californian vegan friends, now contains feature-length educational guides on vegan bodybuilding, vegan friendly (and non-friendly) ingredients and helpful shopping lists that vegans can take to major US supermarkets to help them find cruelty/dairy free food items and products. They hope the site will become a one stop resource for both new vegans as well as those who have followed the lifestyle for some time. For more information, please visit


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